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A fully integrated voice and data service, VoIP is a technology that is coming-of-age for some applications in the world of high-tech communications. We can benefit from VoIP by using it as if it were our local phone company copper lines. VoIP provides either/or both local, long-distance communication services, but you must have a high-speed DSL or cable modem Internet connection as well as 35-60kbps of bandwidth capacity.

VoIP Requirements

Your network provider must have hardware enabling VoIP processing with QoS and 802.1p priority. If a call packet is not handled with priority on the outbound side of the call, echos, dropped calls, lost conversation, minimal clarity, or silence may occur. These experiences will persist unless a network administrator reviews the VoIP calls' paths and insures quality calls. Today, DSL or Cable modem providers verify QoS compatibility in their systems to CTE Teleco. Your voice and data communications depend on the reliability of your technology. You must be aware that data network failure means phone system failure if the majority of your calls go over your network. However, failure of the internal network may not affect the Internet, meaning your phone calls will continue to process. Be aware that the quality and reliability of your phone calls are the responsibility of your IP department, VoIP service provider, local Internet provider, and phone system provider. They are now the pipeline in and out of your office for both voice and data.

VoIP Benefits

VoIP lines provide you with savings; long distance services are as low as 2.9¢/minute or $38.95 unlimited. Even though the technology is complex, reliability and quality received from VoIP is noticeably greater than the local copper service. You have a single contact source for voice and data assistance, which means less time spent making calls and your system is repaired quicker. Companies who have outside salesmen, remote offices, or multiple site plants benefit from almost no cost for communications between these locations or individuals. VoIP even provides a home base for salesmen to operate on while in the office. In conjunction with Nexboom, VoIP features 800 service, local virtual numbers for distant family members, voicemail with notification to your email, conference calling, and much more.


If you are paying over $40.00/month for long-distance calls and you have a high-speed data connection, then Nexboom can increase your savings. If you are paying long-distance fees and local service fees each over $40.00/month and you wish to trade your local phone service for a high-speed data connection, Nexboom will produce savings. If your long-distance fees are over $90.00/month, consider a high-speed data connection in conjunction with Nexboom because it will increase your savings. If you use less than 1,340 long-distance minutes each month, your long-distance bill is less than $40.00/month, or you have a high-speed connection and you want to keep your local phone number, then BrandTel Long Distance VoIP might be ideal for you.