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A fully integrated voice and data service, VoIP is a technology that is coming-of-age for some applications in the world of high-tech communications. We can benefit from VoIP by using it as if it were our local phone company's copper lines. VoIP provides local and/or long-distance communication services, but you must have a high-speed DSL or cable modem Internet connection as well as 35-60 kbps of bandwidth capacity. Watch the video or Read more about VoIP.

Nexboom vs. Vonage

                            Nexboom                          Vonage
              Residential             Business           Residential             Business
Monthly Fee:       $24.95                     $39.95           $24.95                     $39.99
Unlimited Minutes:                     Yes                         No
Reg/Serv Fee:                     $1.50/Month                         $1.50/Month
Total Monthly Cost:                     $26.45                         $26.45
Taxes:                     Plus Applicable                         Plus Applicable
Activation Fee:                     $0.00                         $29.95
Termination Fee:                     $39.99 + Tax                         $39.99 + Tax
Shipping & Handling:                     $9.95                         $10.00

Toll Free Virtual Number

Activation fee: $13.95
Monthly rate: $8.95
In addition to monthly rates, the following rates (per minute) apply:

  • USA charge: $0.0318
  • Alaska charge: $0.3882
  • Hawaii charge: $0.2467
  • Guam charge: $0.4059
  • PR/VI charge: $0.2467
  • CNMI charge: $0.8658
  • Canada charge: $0.2644
  • Toll Free Pay Phone Surcharge (per call): $0.3804