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When it comes to your business, there is little that matters more than your IP Communications System, and Toshiba understands that. To accomade for these conditions, Toshiba offers a cutting edge — Toshiba's brand new IPedge. Designed with increased productivity, customer, satisfaction, and affordability in mind, the Toshiba IPedge is the ideal solution for all fo your professional needs. With IPedge Net technology, you can network multiple systems together to drastically increase capacity and improve integration between decentralized locations. Want to learn more? Read the brochure, the Pure IP Edge brochure, watch the video, or visit the Toshiba Website.

  • Single server simplicity
  • Call processing
  • Voicemail and unified messaging
  • Centralized system administration
  • Linux operating system compatibility
  • Survivability within the network
  • SIP Trunks — no need for gateway equipment
  • Single IP address for optimal cost-effectiveness
  • Open standards platform — future compatibility with endpoint devices & applications
  • Low-profile server chassis for minimal space requirements
  • Endpoints for any potential needs
  • Call Manager — combine the capabilities of your computer & Toshiba phone
  • Browser-based system administration — improved and centralized management
  • Works great with Toshiba 5000 Series Telephones.

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