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With the Perfect Communicator, you have control of where, when, and how you present your business, entailing all of its telecommunications. What's the best part of the Perfect Communicator? All of these messages you send out from a single location are received at every location in your network. This system allows you to schedule prerecorded messages for deliveries at specified times, whether the message is via page, hold, targeted message, or main greeting. Use MCS Client to drag and drop audio files into time slots or create custom lists to disperse updates to any location from a single server. With the Perfect Communicator, wireless call points are included. Customers can ask for assistance from anywhere in the store by pushing a help button, to which associated can immediately respond.
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Take Control

Giving you peace of mind, the Perfect Communicator allows you to know all of your efforts are being sent and received. Don't waste precious time and money by sending a message to the wrong person at an inconvenient time.

Amazing Features

  • Accurate marketing messaging
  • Centralized media communication server
  • Wireless call points
  • Music on hold & background music
  • Automatic updating
  • Full-featured call processing
  • Overhead paging
  • Voice messaging
  • Easy management of customer flow
  • Customer support mailboxes
  • Easily monitor response times
  • Local area paging
  • Caller targeted messages
  • Simplicity with MCS Client
  • Works great with the Tis16 Series
  • Perfect Communicator Products

    • PC-00560FLS8 560 Hour Flash 8 Base Unit
    • PC-LICAA4UPG-FLS8 4 to 8 Port Upgrade License
    • PC-LICUMAA-FLS8 4 Port Base License
    • PC-LICLAP-TEL Wireless L.A.P. Feature License
    • PC-LICWCP-TEL Wireless Call Points Feature License
    • PC-MCSCLIENT MCS Client Software
    • PC-MNGSRV MCS Client Managed Services
    • PC-MUSIC-SERVICE Music Choice Annual Subscription
    • PC-COUNTER-CP Wireless Call Point, Counter Mount
    • PC-RECV-CP EN4200 Wireless Call Point Receiver
    • PC-REP-CP EN5000-T Wireless Call Point Repeater
    • PC-SOFTCALL-CP Soft Call Point License
    • PC-WALL-CP Wireless Call Point, Tall Wall Mount
    • PC-MNT-CNT Call Point Counter Mount Bracket
    • PC-MNT-POLE Call Point Pole Mount Bracket
    • PC-MNT-RCK Call Point Rack Mount Bracket
    • PC-MNT-UNV Call Point Universal Mount Bracket
    • PC-DOOR-CP Universal Transmitter with Built-in Reed Switch
    • PC-NONCINPUT-CP Universal Transmitter with Single Input
    • PC-VRTMOT-CP Vertical Motion Sensor
    • PC-WW-2LINE 2 Line Alphanumeric Pager
    • PC-WW-4LINE 4 Line Alphanumeric Pager
    • PC-WW-COASTER Coaster Pager
    • PC-WW-CSTCGR Coaster Pager Charging Base
    • PC-WW-PADDLE Paddle Pager
    • PC-WW-PDLCGR Paddle Pager Charging Base
    • PC-WW-TX SPS-5v7 Paging System
    • PCBRO Perfect Communicator Brochure
    • PCREF Perfect Communicator Quick Reference Cards
    • PCUG Perfect Communicator User Guide