Our Objective

As a national company, our main goal is to be an established organization and provide quality assistance to our many clients. The following principles will guide us in our efforts: genuine customer concern will motivate each of us; we will conduct ourselves as if failure is intolerable, unacceptable; quality, reliability, and service will be our watchwords; the customer's needs and wants come first; a promise to a customer will always be kept.

Trusted Service and Equipment

When your company plans to purchase a system, Teleco's consultants work with you to select the equipment and software to best suit your needs and budget. All of our personnel receive extensive training on products, installation, system design, support, and repair. Also, you can rest assured that Teleco will select only quality components — including the products we manufacture ourselves — in designing your telecommunications system.

With a single phone call, any equipment, installation, data cabling, training, technical support, repair, and even long-distance service is available from Teleco. The accessibility we offer to customers is an important strategy we always maintain. If we don't have an immediate answer when you give us a call, we guaruntee we will return to you with a solution within 4 hours. If your company is located in another time zone or your office hours extend beyond 8:00am to 5:00pm, we offer 24-hour technical support.

We're Here for the Long Run

When you choose Teleco, you receive the benefits of our vast array of products along with purchasing power. Teleco can offer you virtually any combination of state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment on the market at low prices. With budget in mind, Teleco can offer you cash-flow-friendly leasing programs tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Overall, Teleco recognizes the world of telecommunications as an ever-changing place. Because we have been profitable since day one via commitment to our customers, we know our company will live on.