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TAC is a dynamic company, and throughout the years, many changes have occured in order to better both the reputation of TAC and the quality of customer satisfaction. Click a year to learn the history during that time, and click the year again to hide.


Acquisition of Seattle-based Abacus Engineered Systems, merged with Tour Andover Controls Americas — Energy Solutions.
Schneider Electric acquires Andover Controls to strengthen positions in Building Automation while expanding in security, forming Tour Andover Controls.


TAC is acquired by the French company, Schneider Electric.


TAC Group acquires and integrates with the long-term partner, Control Solutions, boosting its geographical presence and market penetration in Americas while increasing its capacity for providing energy solutions to customers across the continent.
TAC Group acquires the Danish company MicroSign, a technology leader in Danish security and surveillance business. The acquisition establishes TAC as a serious player in this field in Denmark and Scandinavia as a whole.
TAC is awarded the prize Best new product for TAC Xenta 110 dual-zone controller. The award is presented at the international LonWorld trade show in Toronto, Canada, and it is the third time TAC won the competition.


Consulting firm Frost & Sullivan awards its 2001 Market Engineering Merger & Acquisition Strategy Award to TAC for the merger with CSI in 2000.
At the LONWORLD 2001 conference in Frankfurt, TAC receives the top Multi-Vendor Installation Award from Echelon and Meese Frankfurt for innovative technical performance and excellence in providing Open Systems solutions based on LONWORKS Networks in building control.


TAC and Dallas-based CSI combine to create a new company. The new TAC has customers on all seven continents served by more than 2,000 employees and operates in three major regions: Europe, the Americas, and the Pacific-providing end-users with world-class Building IT solutions and services.
TAC introduces Internet system connectivity, and TAC Xenta 511 receives the Best LonMark Product at LONWORLD 2000 in Orlando.


TAC acquires Danfoss System Automatik, a BMS manufacturer based in Denmark.
TAC Xenta 300/400 receives the Best LonMark Product at LONWORLD99 in Amsterdam.


CSI acquires MSi, a dominant, independent systems integrator in the UK, and establishes regional offices in Hong Kong and Poland.
TAC acquires Solber Andersen, a major systems integrator in Norway.
Investment company EQT buys TAC.


TA Control changes its name to TAC. The company focuses on systems and services as well as international partner networks.


TA Controls introduces TAC Xenta, the world's first LONWORKS-based programmable control system supported by a Graphical Programming tool.


Tour & Andersson divides into two companies, TA Hydronics and TA Control.


Tour & Andersson creates TAC Vista and moves toward open-systems architecture.


CSI ships the world's first LON-based zone controller using fuzzy logic.


CSI acquires Energy Mangement Services, a systems integration company operating throughout Australia and establishes offices in London, England.


Tour & Andersson introduces a free topology, peer-to-peer control network with application specific and programmable controllers.


Now CSI, the Dallas-based company acquires the access control division of Del Norte, expanding its market offerings to the security arena.


Tour & Andersson introduces Micro 7, an IBM PC based system with a modern user interface using menus and mouse operation and an Individual Room Control concept with application-specific controllers with communication.


Tour & Andersson introduces System 7 MINI, MIDI, and MAXI, a system on a modern, mini-computer architecture to suit different customer needs.


Tour & Andersson introduces a Hotel Management and Signal system.


Tour & Andersson introduces an Integrated Access Control system


Tour & Andersson introduces the first distributed system RPU.


The systems integration group at F&M Systems forms Texas Controls, the forerunner of CSI Control Systems Internation, Inc.
Tour & Andersson is formed by merger of Tour Agenturer and AH Andersson.


Tour Agenturer introduces a mini-computer-based system for climate control.


Tour Agenturer launches the first transistorized heating regulator.


Tour Agenturer founded in Stockholm, offering an extensive product range.
During the war, Tour Agenturer designs a draught regulator and a radiator valve with pre-setting.