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Voice processing solutions are a must in the office. We offer Perfect Voice products, quality voice processing units for any sized office.

Perfect Voice Professional Tis16 Series 2

PVP Tis16 Series 2 is an in-skin voicemail platform for the Toshia Strata CTX/CIX/DK product lines. It has all the benefits of an in-skin card with all the features of the PVP Flash, including call record on the Strata CTX systems. PVP Tis16 Series 2 offers up to 8 ports and 140 hours of storage.

Perfect Voice Professional Tis16 Series 3

PVP Tis16 Series 3 is an in-skin card that provides savings and exciting user features with email forwarding as well as background or on-hold music. This system also allows voicemail messages via email and message receiving via Smartphone, PC, MAC, or PDA. PVP Tis16 Series 3 is available in 2-16 ports and provides up to 5000 mailboxes, 2 serial application ports, 2 audio output ports, and one 10 base-T network port.