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AURA 2.0

The AURA 2.0 is ideal for the needs of Senior Health Care by providing code compliant wired call stations or wireless devices. This system will monitor, automatically record, and document calls as well as notify staff. Equipped to comply with in-house pagers, text messages to a cell phone or email, or connect to specific digital phones system, the AURA 2.0 integrates with most wired nurse call systems or any of the complete line of Cornell products. Features include the following:

  • Monitors wired or wireless bed stations, bath stations, pendants, or devices
  • Notifies staff via email, text, or pager
  • AURA 2.0 School

    The AURA 2.0 is an ideal emergency response solution because it provides centralized monitoring in any event. The software modules displays all active alarms, launches instant messages to staff, and logs all calls. Best of all, you are able to utilize wired and wireless devices to monitor students and faculty. Features include the following:

  • Wireless notification
  • Multiple types of portable devices are available to customize your system
  • Instant messaging to staff
  • Call reporting saves all call history
  • System components include the following:

  • Panic Button
  • Wireless Pendant
  • Wireless Pull Cord
  • Cornell Area of Rescue Assistance
  • In-House Pagers
  • Read Brochure