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Visual Nurse Call 4000 Series

With any nurse call system, adaptibility, affordibility, flexibility, simplicity, and reliability are key aspects. This product is no different. Features include the following:

  • Add duty stations and zone lights
  • Combine with AURA 2.0
  • Include pagers with VersaPage or AURA 2.0
  • Customized or standard 4400 Series panel
  • 8 to 48 zones
  • Notify staff of an emergency by text message to a cell phone, email, or paging
  • Give wireless capabilities to your staff
  • System components include the following:

  • Annunciator Panels
  • Indicate incoming calls from any initiation point in the system
  • LED indicator
  • Tone
  • Bedside Stations
  • Pull-cord or push-button activated
  • LED indicator lights
  • Call cancel buttons
  • Emergency Stations
  • Available in two styles: pull-cord or push-button
  • Used in areas requiring immediate action
  • Staff Stations
  • Used in locations where staff gather and may need emergency assistance
  • Call Cords
  • Two standard call cord types used with bedside stations to activate the call system
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