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Light Status Systems

If you are looking for a visual display of light signals that can be designed to meet the needs of almost any facility, look no further. This system is perfect for veterinarian clinics, medical clinics, industry & commercial buildings, dental offices, retail & financial planning, and court & jury rooms. Features include the following:

  • Visual display that locates patients and staff
  • Status of each exam room and treatment area
  • Discrete call system to request assistance
  • Exam room sequencing and custom signaling options
  • First come, first served ordering
  • Priority override so emergency calls can be placed first in line
  • Multiple flash pattern signal options
  • Instant patient status
  • System components include the following:

  • Room Status or Corridor Lights
  • Available in 1 to 6 light configurations
  • Room Control Switches
  • Available in many combinations of 1 to 9 switches
  • Master Control Panels
  • Switch type, electrical connection, and tone
  • Monitoring Panels
  • Available with LEDs in multiples of 10, 15, or 25 lights/row or individual lights for your specifications
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